Master U Leather Hood

skINMATE with leather hood
This Leather Hood is one of my favorite toys. The leather feels wonderful. And the head is closed. Not necessarily prison gear, but I like this leather hood in combination with an orange jumpsuit.

The MASTER U Semi-Lined Hood is available in three kinds of leather. Pimlico leather is the softest and most sensual hide - a bit like clove leather, Which, of course give you the perfect fit. Our more robust and sleazy London leather Which makes for a heavier hood and requires a bit of gentle breaking in. Finally there is our most exclusive and sought after leather: the Madrid horse hide - simply stunning European horse hides - buttery rich, and everlasting!

▪ Detachable interlocking cover mouth and blindfold at the exclusion of all light
▪ Large mouth opening
▪ Large pinhole eyes

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