Jail Intake Questions

humiliating by uniform?

Will I be required to strip search and to shower? What will they make me do during the strip search? Will other inmates be with me when I'm stripped searched? Will I have to delice/delouse when I shower? Will I be supervised when I shower?

Yes, you will be stripped and searched as you dress in the jail uniform You will probably go directly to your cell after dressing.

What kind of jail uniform will I have to wear? What color is it? Will I be able to choose what kind I want to wear or no? Is the one-piece jumpsuit extremely humiliating and degrading to wear?

Uniforms are either the one piece jumpsuit or the two piece 'smock' style jail uniform You don't get to choose, color is based on the facility. Mostly orange. Both uniforms are 'humiliating'.

What are the different types of restraints? What restraints will they put on me? How do they put them on and take them off? Will my security risk/threat level determine the amount of restraints they will put on me? Do they apply them tightly?

Handcuffs are always used, sometimes when you go to court, you'll be shackled at the ankles and a belly chain will be used. They are applied tight enough to restrain you, but not too tight... unless you're a problem child.

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