skINMATE is handcuffed

skINMATE as a handcuffed inmate
shaved head, jumpsuit, handcuffs
"The adrenaline rush of fear of the unknown world you have always wondered about and the uncomfortable feel of the handcuffs clamped tightly around your wrists, pressing against the hard plastic seat of the back of the cruiser. There are a thousand thoughts racing around in your mind ranging from how you could be so stupid to allow this happen, to trying to remember your wife’s phone number so you can call her from a land line, your single call to freedom."



Today I got the Order to put my chastity belt on.

Here are the orders for the next week:

"I, the master decide when the Chastity Belt comes off. I've just decided that you'll wear every night from Monday evening your iron. And both, iron collars and chastity belt.

And in the house you will wear a prison uniform. In addition, during the night in handcuffs and leg irons."


Humane Restraint Padded Leather Leg Irons

Humane Restraint Model ADL 305LI Padded Leather Leg Irons

Padded Leather Leg Irons from Humane Restraint
Humane Restraint padded leather leg irons. Leg irons adjust to size and lock with L-300 locks. Heavy duty 18 "steel chain between cuffs. Provides high security and human appearance while avoiding potential injury to ankles. Designed by Handcuff Warehouse for use by the U.S. military.


Pic of the day

Handcuffs and white Alabama Uniform 

legirons and handcuffs for the inmate
handcuffs and legirons in combination with a white uniform from the Alabama DOC.


Boots and legirons

Boots and legirons

boots and legions
As a prisoner you also need the right "jewelry". I do not like it when I can move around freely. Even if I'm locked in a cell.

Handcuffs and leg irons, connected by a chain, this is attached to a belt around the waist. The hands may be tied up with the handcuffs on his back or his belly. I find that fettered hands forward in this chain combination look very cool.

Leather Hood and Humane Restraints Collar

Leather Hood and Humane Restraints Collar ...

 I like this combination