skINMATE is handcuffed

skINMATE as a handcuffed inmate
shaved head, jumpsuit, handcuffs
"The adrenaline rush of fear of the unknown world you have always wondered about and the uncomfortable feel of the handcuffs clamped tightly around your wrists, pressing against the hard plastic seat of the back of the cruiser. There are a thousand thoughts racing around in your mind ranging from how you could be so stupid to allow this happen, to trying to remember your wife’s phone number so you can call her from a land line, your single call to freedom."



Today I got the Order to put my chastity belt on.

Here are the orders for the next week:

"I, the master decide when the Chastity Belt comes off. I've just decided that you'll wear every night from Monday evening your iron. And both, iron collars and chastity belt.

And in the house you will wear a prison uniform. In addition, during the night in handcuffs and leg irons."


Humane Restraint Padded Leather Leg Irons

Humane Restraint Model ADL 305LI Padded Leather Leg Irons

Padded Leather Leg Irons from Humane Restraint
Humane Restraint padded leather leg irons. Leg irons adjust to size and lock with L-300 locks. Heavy duty 18 "steel chain between cuffs. Provides high security and human appearance while avoiding potential injury to ankles. Designed by Handcuff Warehouse for use by the U.S. military.


Pic of the day

Handcuffs and white Alabama Uniform 

legirons and handcuffs for the inmate
handcuffs and legirons in combination with a white uniform from the Alabama DOC.


Boots and legirons

Boots and legirons

boots and legions
As a prisoner you also need the right "jewelry". I do not like it when I can move around freely. Even if I'm locked in a cell.

Handcuffs and leg irons, connected by a chain, this is attached to a belt around the waist. The hands may be tied up with the handcuffs on his back or his belly. I find that fettered hands forward in this chain combination look very cool.

Leather Hood and Humane Restraints Collar

Leather Hood and Humane Restraints Collar ...

 I like this combination


Master U Leather Hood

skINMATE with leather hood
This Leather Hood is one of my favorite toys. The leather feels wonderful. And the head is closed. Not necessarily prison gear, but I like this leather hood in combination with an orange jumpsuit.

The MASTER U Semi-Lined Hood is available in three kinds of leather. Pimlico leather is the softest and most sensual hide - a bit like clove leather, Which, of course give you the perfect fit. Our more robust and sleazy London leather Which makes for a heavier hood and requires a bit of gentle breaking in. Finally there is our most exclusive and sought after leather: the Madrid horse hide - simply stunning European horse hides - buttery rich, and everlasting!

▪ Detachable interlocking cover mouth and blindfold at the exclusion of all light
▪ Large mouth opening
▪ Large pinhole eyes


Jail Intake Questions

humiliating by uniform?

Will I be required to strip search and to shower? What will they make me do during the strip search? Will other inmates be with me when I'm stripped searched? Will I have to delice/delouse when I shower? Will I be supervised when I shower?

Yes, you will be stripped and searched as you dress in the jail uniform You will probably go directly to your cell after dressing.

What kind of jail uniform will I have to wear? What color is it? Will I be able to choose what kind I want to wear or no? Is the one-piece jumpsuit extremely humiliating and degrading to wear?

Uniforms are either the one piece jumpsuit or the two piece 'smock' style jail uniform You don't get to choose, color is based on the facility. Mostly orange. Both uniforms are 'humiliating'.

What are the different types of restraints? What restraints will they put on me? How do they put them on and take them off? Will my security risk/threat level determine the amount of restraints they will put on me? Do they apply them tightly?

Handcuffs are always used, sometimes when you go to court, you'll be shackled at the ankles and a belly chain will be used. They are applied tight enough to restrain you, but not too tight... unless you're a problem child.



Many times inmates wear uniforms of the facility where they are located. Some places have one piece jumpsuits, others use two piece scrub type uniforms. In some areas the "Old chain gang times" are back: Jail officials named security as the top reason for the change from solid colored uniforms. They said they made the change to reduce the chance of inmates being mistaken for workers in uniform. Black-and-white striped uniforms are unmistakably prison garb.


Federal prisoners: Tan button-up shirts; tan pants. 
Florida state prisoners: Blue v-neck shirts; blue pants. 
Florida death row prisoners: Orange v-neck shirts; orange pants. 
Pinellas County prisoners: Orange, green, blue or gray v-neck shirts and pants. 
Pinellas prisoners working outside jail: Orange v-neck shirts; orange pants. 
Pasco County prisoners: Orange, blue, red or white v-neck shirts and pants. 
Pasco prisoners working outside jail: Black and white striped shirts and pants. 
Hillsborough County prisoners: Orange v-neck shirts; orange pants. 
Hillsborough prisoners working outside jail: Orange and blue two-tone (not striped) shirts and pants.
Hernando County prisoners: Khaki v-neck shirts; khaki pants. 
Hernando prisoners working outside jail: Red T-shirts; brown work pants. 
Citrus County prisoners, male: Orange v-neck shirts; orange pants. 
Citrus County prisoners, female: Red v-neck shirts; red pants. 
Citrus prisoners working outside jail: Blue v-neck shirts; blue pants.




The change back to striped prison uniforms most recently has occurred at the County Adult Detention Center in , where new jail uniforms now have broad stripes of denim blue and white.

The new uniforms replace the orange garb inmates have worn. "The main reason for the change was because of security." The Sheriff's Department decided to change the jail uniform colors when orange became too vogue -- especially among teens -- and not bold enough to easily spot inmates if they escaped into a crowd.

Jail officials named security as the top reason for the change from solid colored uniforms. They said they made the change to reduce the chance of inmates being mistaken for workers in uniform.

The prisoner uniform makes it clear what their status is, and they'll get reported if they do things they are not allowed to do ...


The Director of the Department of Corrections will implement the following inmate labor regulations:
The director will require an offender of a correctional facility to perform hard labor suited to the offenders age, gender, and physical and mental condition. Labor is not restricted to the correctional facility, and can include road and maintenance work outside the facility.
When an offender is working outside the facility, the offender is in the actual custody of the superintendent of the correctional institution. The offender will be required to wear a brightly colored, readily identifiable uniform. Brightly colored signs will be posted in areas where offenders are performing off-site hard labor. The offender may be required to wear leg irons. At least two guards will be on duty when offenders are outside correctional facilities. Offenders will have no contact with the general public or receive any monetary compensation while performing hard labor. No offender convicted of a violent felony, sexual offense, or escape will be eligible for off-site hard labor.
The county jailer will cooperate with implementation of this program. The jailer may also use county jail inmates in hard labor. The same restrictions and rules required of state offenders will apply to offenders in county facilities. The county commission may establish further specific guidelines for the use of county inmate labor.



Striped uniform for county jail inmates
Inmates will generally be stripped and searched upon their arrival at the institution from court, other institutions, or from any other place where they may have come in contact with the public. When inmates are apprehended after an escape, attempted escape or hideout, they will also be given a strip search. There may be other occasions for a strip search, such as before they are admitted to confinement or at any time when they are suspected of carrying contraband.

When a strip search is to be made the inmate will remove all clothing, place it in a pile, then move away from it a few paces. The search will include hair, ears and mouth (dentures to be removed). The entire body will then be checked including armpits, hands, pubic region, between the toes, soles of the feet, rectum and inner portions of the legs. 

The police power to search as an “incident to an arrest” often involves a “pat down” or “frisk” search where the police just feel the outside of a person’s clothes and pockets. At other times, it includes the strip search of a person. Arrestees report being made to stand in the nude and bend over at the waist while spreading their buttocks.


Inmates are restricted in the type of personal property they may possess while incarcerated in the Correctional Facility. They may keep their underclothing and socks which they have on when they enter the jail, provided they are white.


will serve as a maximum security prison for the inmates. One of the first stops into the prison will be this room where the inmate will disrobe, go through delousing and then go to showers before getting into his prison issued clothing.

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